Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Homecoming Queen Nominee

Yes, it is true! I was nominated for homecoming queen here at Eastern Arizona! Next week is homecoming week, and Today was voting for the finalists or something like that.. still not sure how the whole thing works, but point is i was nominated and it is super exciting! one of the girls I am running against is Miss Graham County though and so I am not setting my hopes too high but I am just super excited that I even got nominated! college rocks!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Last night I traveled from thatcher to Mesa to witness and be apart of Mesa High's homecoming! We got to go in through the side, just like the old days. We got field access the entire game, just like the old days. We lost our voices, just like the old days. We helped move the halftime display onto the field and back off, just like the old days, and i had an absolute blast! just like the old days.
It was so much fun! I am so glad that I was able to go and be apart of that again! it brought back so many memories of how hectic and crazy and fun and sleep-deprived homecoming can be! i love that school much!
I got to see my old drama teacher Sandy Stones. She also gave me another speech and debate pin that I wasn't awarded last year. ah it's amazing. that school did so much for me. I am so so so grateful that I made that switch! I don't think i would be who I am or be doing what i'm doing with my life If I hadn't gone to Mesa. It introduced me to so many talents that I had that i wouldn't have other wise knew that I had. I am just so grateful that i've had the experiences that I've had.
on another note, I'm head over heels for a boy. and I am falling harder and harder with every passing day.
This morning I was thinking about it and I am so owned by this feeling. it hurts to be apart or think of life without him. idk. weird.
just needed to say that.
so I had breakfast with an old friend this morning and had a blast. my friend and I always have good conversations and can just talk. its nice. anyways, gunna enjoy the rest of the day in Mesa. i'm loving it   its good to be back.

Friday, October 15, 2010

College-------friends, experiences, feelings?

I have not done a blog post in a really long time. For that, I apologize. I have just been so so so busy. I am involved in many clubs, student council, I am double majoring, and then on top of that I ma trying to maintain a social life with my friends. 
I believe I mentioned before that I am the freshman representative in the drama club. I have only missed ONE meeting.  and I was basically excused from that. 
Being that representative, I go to the student council meetings to keep our club in the game! I have not missed a single student council meeting, and because of that I got a free student council t-shirt!
Since I am wanting an actually legit spot on student council next year with the scholarship and perks and everything, I signed up for the leadership class. I figured that it wouldn't hurt and it would most likely help me get that goal even more.  I have leadership presentation this Tuesday. I have to pick a leadership quality and give a 5 min presentation about it. I am also going to make cute hand outs with candy and everything.   hopefully I will do a good job! 
My classes are going good though! However i don't know what I was thinking signing up for 6 hours of class a day! i think i lost my mind.  on top of class i have all the homework and meetings and clubs and ggrrr! I HAVE lost my mind. anyone that can help me find it, I will love forever. 
Last friday My friends and I went to the fair. It was so much fun! I love hanging with the girls.  we had our share of scary and sick though! none of us slept. And we were so tired and the rides made us all sick! ha ha but it was fun! I volunteered for a hypnotist show that night and it didn't work. some ppl say it worked on them. but it didn't work on me. I also rode the Mechanical bull. I love doing that. I want to get my own someday so i don't have to pay to do it. 
Saturday I went back to the fair to work in the ticket booth, and met some really cool people! we got to meet everyone that came into the fair and my old seminary teacher from 9th and 10th grade came through! so that was cool!  at one point we had 5 or 6 people working in there and it only takes 1 or 2 people to run the counter. So 4 of us got a deck of cards and played this fun card game! and chilled and listened to music on someone's ipod speaker. 
I got paid for it but it was the same amount that I spent that the fair the day before. so it just evened out. 
That night I went back to the fair with Mason, it was fun. I fell in love with Bob Marly all over again that night. ha ha the people here idolize him! its fun! 
This week i only had Acting class once. and it was only to rehearse our partner scenes. Our scene is fun. It's about cheating on someone when you're trying to make a relationship work... ha ha ha some people in the class are going to feel uncomfortable... but Its a lot of fun to do. cuz it's just "acting"   its not real. 
I developed a hate for a video game store that i love. boys are stupid that way, 
I haven't slept much at all. I got asked on a date that i couldn't go on and im glad i didn't because it turned into a big make out fest.  I had meetings up the ying yang this week. one right after the other over and over again. busy busy is the life of me. 
So, my roommate got engaged over the weekend, they are getting married march 15th. or 18th. i forget but its one of those. 
my best friend got engaged last night and their date is december 4th. 
It shouldn't bother me so much that people are getting married. but it really does. I was thinking about it last night because it bothered me why it bothered me so much and I think I have some sort of idea. 
I don't believe in love. I don't think people can honestly love eachother enough to be with them for the rest of their lives and eternity. I think people just do it because they are expected to. It's whats expected of them. 
Love is just a creation that people create. I believe that people can THINK they are in love... but i don't believe anyone really is. and thats why people around me getting married is bothering me. because I know they don't love eachother they are just buckling to societies expectations. oh well. not my life. its their's. all i know is that i won't be getting married. Guys are pigs and people are selfish and inconsiderate.     I'll just have that much more time to focus on achieving something and making something of my life. :) 
anyways, this was long post. sorry about that. It was just random cuz i needed to write one. 
i hope everyone is doing the best at whatever they take the time to do.