Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Man took me on a Bike :)

My boyfriend has had his buddies bike the last two nights and i got to go riding on it with him :)
if you read my blog a few months back, you know how much i like bikes! :) here is a picture of us and our awesomeness!
isn't he such a stud?!

Home for the Holidays

I am now in Mesa, AZ for a while.  It snowed my last night in Thatcher, so the not so cold weather here is rather refreshing.
I had a Sister day with Ashleigh at the mall and finished all my Christmas shopping. :) can't wait for Christmas!
gunna go partying tonight, which will be super super fun! :) i need to unwind!
I did very well this semester. i got great grades.
I also am moving into my own apartment! I am super excited about that! :)
going to dinner with family right now!