Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things Change

Everything happens for a reason. At least, that's what I used to tell myself.
I have many times been called naive or gullible.  This is because I believe things for face value. If you say something, I figure you mean it.  If you do something, it's intentional. I believed that people wouldn't harm or do wrong to me. Well, I am very naive. People can and will do wrong to me. People will lie, cheat and steal to gain a personal advantage. People will break promises if they aren't convenient. People will say sorry to try to erase mistakes.
Boy, do I hate the words, "I'm sorry" if you are really sorry about something, use some common sense and don't do that thing to begin with.  Yes, I know that some things just happen and you don't know it hurts or offends someone, and in those cases sorry is a very appropriate word.  But if you do something that is so clearly not ok, that you know you need to hide.. don't go saying sorry when you get found out because you aren't sorry.

People don't say what they mean. People are more concerned with what is in it for themselves.

People are selfish beings.

                                                                  The End.