Sunday, June 27, 2010

life is all about... +random quotes

life is about late night drives, music blasting, long stretches of highway , no destination, no one knowing where you are.

i can be everything. i'll be your safe ride home, i'll be everything and more.

im willing to tear down these walls for you. im willing to take a chance on you.

why do you do this to me? why did u want to break a perfectly good heart. how can u do this so easily. a single tear, its more than i ever feared. i am feeling so overwhelmed. these days are uneasy.

life is about taking risks. its about not being jealous of someone because you have something, you have so much, to offer the world.
comparing never helps any situation. it makes em all harder.
can you tell that i am listening to every word you have ever said?

life is about falling in love not in hate.
when someone says, "The chances of that are..."
well screw them. i will take that chance.

please take a chance on me.

life is about doing ur best in everything.
it's about smiling thru the pain. and letting it out to your best friend,
its about setting rules and breaking them. its about friends. it's about laughter. its about finding out who you really are.

When I Look At You

So, yes. I have slipped and looked at old messages from you. and Sneaked a peak at your Profile..
and I'm sorry to say, but i can tell you're not happy. And i wonder why sometimes because you chose how everything is. like when u buy a house you choose the hardware you want and which one you want. you chose all of this and I just don't get why u keep coming back and saying u wish u didn't choose some of the things you did. and Boy, am i stupid sometimes to buy into it and believe you are sorry.
sorry is nothing. it means absolutely nothing to me. if something needs apologizing it shouldn't have been done in the first place. that's my take on it.
and I just know you so well and It's sad to see that look in your eye.. and to read the words you write. and i feel even more bad for you because no one knows what you mean by them but me. and I wish i could help you. but you chose to block me out. and i just don't know how i can help you when you chose to leave me.

again with needing a better title!

I really never can decide what the heck to title any of my posts!  how unoriginal am I? sad day.
Anywho, I got a car yesterday! and my friend helped me "Tink" it out! haha i got tinkerbell stuff all over it! floor mats, seat covers, cd holder, steering wheel cover, airfreshner, and decals!
so i named my car tink :)  ha ha
I am so super dooper excited!
Today I had the lesson in Laurel's, And i did pretty good :) especilly for barely preparing in Sacrament meeting. :)
I have today and tomorrow off work :) i don't know what to do with myself! hahaahha jk
SO i just have so many emotions running thru my being that I just don't know how to even begin expressing myself.
I should have another gig coming up soon. i've been talking to the guy about it, so we'll see when i get booked :) i am so excited. i will be performing my own songs, instead of my friends songs. i might have my friends band come play with me too.
i absolutely love music. and the fact that im a music performer now, just blows my mind,
I am making my dreams come true. Literally. And I am so grateful.
i am just really hoping and praying that i don't lose sight of a temple marriage....
anyways, I am so excited to start school in August.
I've been working at Hobby Lobby. and I think that was definitely meat to be. because one of my coworkers has changed my life.
i have been so anti marriage because of these walls that i have built around my heart. and i've been working on just opening up little by little. and they just have been aiding me so much without even knowing. but i love  this person in a very pure way.
anyways, i've been so overwhelmed by gratitude lately i don't even know what to do with myself.
i have surrounded myself with ppl that love me and i love. ppl who treat me right and respect me and help me make the right decision and ppl who encourage and support me.
i am so grateful for the friends that i have because i don't know where i'd be without them.
well.... i am going to peace out now. :)
love you all.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

hmmm... :)

life gets confusing. and sometimes boring doing the same thing over and over.. so spice it up. live life with no regrets! and be true to ur friends.  love the people who treat u right and forget about the ones that dont!
peace and love,

Friday, June 4, 2010


the one downside of transferring schools so late in the game... friends. yeah i have alot of friends. i have alot of  different people to hang out with.  but I don't have that group of friends that all hang out together or tell eachother everything, sisterhood of the traveling pants sorta thing.  I have  few friends that i can talk to about alot.  but i don't have the friendship with anyone where I am going away to college and they want to get in all the quality time they can.
 i kinda envy ppl with a circle of friends. cuz i just have a bunch of friends. not a circle of em. and you'd think it couldn't get lonely. but it does. it gets oh so lonely sometimes. especially when you see all your friends in THEIR circle of friends. i am not a jealous person. but I envy that sorta thing.