Tuesday, March 29, 2011

deleted Facebook

Most of you reading this, are reading it because you were directed to do so by my status.
Facebook is just too much of a distraction and it's a problem in our society.  As it is convenient to talk to more people, faster, it erases any personal relationship you have with people that you would have if you told them in a bit more of a personal way.  If that makes any sense.  
So i am currently a college Freshman at Eastern Arizona College, and I am double majoring in Theatre Arts and Journalistic communications.
Right now, is very very stressful and i'm just holding on by the skin of my teeth.

Thinking about joining the army... maybe the Army reserves... what are your guys thoughts on this?

I've written many songs lately.  SO now i have 3 finished guitar songs and 2 piano songs! I am so excited... I REALLY want to work on a demo!
Well, more to come later..
Love you all.