Thursday, September 9, 2010


For most of the kids here, there are a lot of parties. A lot of good ones. I have been invited to many, however, i never can go. Why?  "i can't, I have play practice"
Best ways to spend my nights. It takes every stress away from me. I am not ME anymore. when I walk into that room I am Anne Desmon. I am a different person, feeling different emotions. I get to leave mine behind.  Its the most theraputic thing for me! we have noe blocked the entire play! by Friday ALL of it has to be memorized, no scripts will be allowed on stage.
I am exhausted beyond measure. I am starting to get really stressed out with school and such. I have been having anxiety attacks. but being on that stage.... the world is a better place. I am so happy I have this. Dance too. I am finally in dance again. I have not even been taking my heart medicine and I am doing FABULOUS! i am so happy that I am ok and doing what i love.
I am dating a guy right now, he is really sweet. and I really like him alot. we have a ridiculous amount in common. Hopefully i can keep him around.
FUNNIEST thing happened this morning though, I was walking back home from my personal health class this morning and some guy comes and starts walking next to me. He said he wants to get to know me but he had to take a friend to the hospital. he proceeded to give me his number and told me to text him.
I don't think i am going to text him. it was funny though. "welcome to College, Dez"
check out!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i feel like i am swimming. actually i was thrown in the deep end. Welcome to real world Des. This world doesn't care how much passion you have if you can't learn to direct it. The world doesn't care how much you like someone if they like someone else. The world doesn't care how sick you, time rolls on. The world doesn't care how much pain you feel, it will inflict more. The world doesn't care how bad you want to fly. The world is stubborn and won't let gravity up for even a second.
I have been thrown in the Deep end. I am outside of my comfort zone. I am in uncharted territory just trying to survive. i am trying so hard. but hopefully i won't get to tired from trying and stop and drown...
we'll see.
i'll just keep dog paddling.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am Anne Desmon

If you have been following, you know that there were auditions last night at the College level. There were many people and it was pretty intimidating. however, i got on stage and did as close to my best as i could!
Today, the call list was posted.... and i made it!!!!! I am Anne Desmon in "The Death of Zukaski"
I am so happy. I am so grateful to these new opportunities to grow and expand. check out for more :)