Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am emotionally exhausted... it's just one thing after another and I'm trying hard not to go into my apathetic corner...
I had a great evening with my mom (shopping.. 'nuff said!) and then Dillon, Elaina, and I watched the drama 1 kids enjoy their time on stage. then I did not enjoy about 2 hours of AP anatomy H.W.... and I'm not sure if I should even entertain the thought of sleep because there is never enough of it!
29 days of high school left!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is a completely random post just for the heck of a random post. :D This week has been so fun. It has done a very good job of mimicking a roller coaster! I think i kinda fell for this guy... He has the sweetest smile and is just the sweetest guy but I'm not sure if he likes me the way I like him. But he's a great friend and I really enjoy hanging out with him.
On another note, any of you that know me, know that I LOVE dogs! SO SO SO SO much. I have begging and begging my mom to let us get another one.. we used to have 3.. but they died :(    Well, my Uncle went on a vacation and fortunate for ME, he could not take his dog. My family got to Dog sit it. The other day i took Her and my 3 younger siblings for a walk, and it was SO nice.  Then, last night I took he out running with me for 2 miles. It was so relaxing and beautiful. I really wish I had a dog I could do that with any time I wanted to. Tomorrow we have to return our little friend :(
Any who, Today is my Daddy's BIRTHDAY!!! too bad I couldn't see him today.. but I did send him a text message and he told me Thank you :D
MAJOR STRESS IN MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT.....: ANATOMY!!!!!! I just need to get a grip on this notebook... I am so grateful we don't have class tomorrow. I hope i can use my time wisely.
Like it states in the title, this is just a random post... :D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Equation for Fun

What constitutes fun these days? Websters definition of fun is the following:
-What provieds enjoyment or amusement.
My definition of fun is the following:
-Drinks at Red Robin or Native New Yorker
-Hiking in mud caves
-Having a picnic in the middle of the road
-Playing card games in the middle of a wildlife park
-Hanging out of the sun roof in the middle of the night on the most beautiful nights in the history of beautiful nights
-choregraphing dances with friends... just for the heck of it.
-having conversations with people I love that last for hours on end into the night
-seeing a shooting star.. or multiple shooting stars
-watching the sun rise or set
-watching a play or musical
-being involved in a play or muscial
-doing selfless service for others
-going to walmart at 2 am.. trying to buy a fish and acting like a viking in the shopping cart
-playing Little Big Planet on Playstation
-Family gatherings during Holiday season
-gossiping with my 4 yr old sister that knows everything going on
-having TP wars between 3 houses on your block and taking the Victory at 2 am and staying up til 6 to make sure they didn't get you back
-airsoft wars
-Capture the Flag
-Road Trips
... and many many more.
let's just say that Life NEVER gets boring for me...
and if it ever starts to, it doesn't last for long.
These are the things that make life the incredible journey that it is. Even though sometimes not-so-fun things happen, the process of getting through them and seeing them unfold and then fold back up makes it interesting and in a sort of sick way "fun."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Jot

Hello there, again!
         Sometimes people make promises.. then something comes up. Or the promises get too hard to keep. At the time they sounded pretty and beautiful but when it comes time to work for them, rarely anyone will. I have found this out the hard way.  Another lesson I have learned is that history will ALWAYS repeat itself. No matter how many time you try to convince yourself otherwise.
There is a boy, he Had a girlfriend. doesn't get the attention he wants from the girl and moves on. same thing happens. BUT THEN he meets you. and YOU are just sooo different from all the other girls. But he is still the same boy. And he makes you all these pretty promises of Forever and always. you confide in him and tell him that you can never love another and he promises that you never will have to. he promises you that no matter what he will find a way to marry you and you believe him. realizing that he keeps leaving all these girls but you believe that you are different. You very well could be, but he is the same.. and Left. Before he even told you he was done with you he lined up the next girl and she falls for it too.
i feel bad for the both of them.  anyways, It's going to happen this new girl too and I kinda feel bad for the both of them but I also find it VERY humorous :D

Well, i bid thee farewell!!
until next time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yes, It is true. I *FINALLY* got this whole thing straightened out... I hope. (fingers crossed).
But just to warn ya'll, my blog might be plain for a while cuz i am going to be SUPER busy with everything that's been going on.
But along with the stress that comes with being so busy comes with the need as a writer to write... to convey my feelings and similes to others.
So here i am :D
that's it for my first post!