Saturday, May 14, 2011

one year down!

I have successfully finished my first year of college! It was crazy! So many different ups and downs, but I leaned so much!
Just a few lessons that I have learned include:
-Never be roommates with your good friends.  you won't end up good friends at the end of the semester.
-paramedics arrive very quickly in a small town
-pizza delivery still takes forever in a small town
-you will do so much for a group or person and you will go unnoticed.
-you will fail at some things that you try but what matters is that you try!

Those are just a few lessons that I took away from spending the year at Eastern Arizona College.
Some of my highlights include:
-getting elected freshman rep for drama club
-getting nominated for homecoming queen
-working at the county fair
-moving into my first apartment
-getting the lead in the first play
-going horseback riding
-snowboarding for the first time
-NCBC in Las Vegas
-getting my wisdom teeth out
-and LOTS more

I have made so many memories this year and I know that I will  make so much as long as i live my life!

check out a few of my pics from the year!

And many more that it won't let me upload!