Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harvey Awards (it's the Academy awards but for High School)

So I got to get all dressed up in my "red carpet" dress. It's a dress I bought about 1 year and a half ago but I swore if i ever walked the red carpet, it's what I would wear. Well, There was nbo red carpet for us this time but It was still a huge step for me in my acting career! so i wore it!  My friend Kayla got the Best Director Award for directing a play she wrote, and it was sooo good! i was the lead in her play and She definately deserved that award!
            Much to my disbelief, I won the Best supporting Actress for a a play from last semester. It was for the role of Candace from Phineas and Ferb :) :) :) I was SO shocked! cuz i didn't think i was going to win anything, my jaw literally dropped! but it made me so happy! i can't stop looking at the trophy!
      I am just so grateful that I am going to be spending my life doing what I love. I have dreamt about this kinda stuff since i was old enough to have dreams and aspirations! this is literally, A dream come true! and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me and supported me along the way!
   I am just overwhelmed with all different emotions... mostly Happiness and Satisfaction! and LOVE! for acting and being able to express myself through it. It has taught me so much on and off the stage about life, and has brought me som amazing friends and opportunities!

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Week!

So this week has been ridiculously busy!
Monday night I stayed up all night doing homework.
Tuesday night I had guitar practice and then Danny and I went to the Diamondback's game and had great seats! We lost... but it was still super fun! we got there early and went to the sandlot and got to swing at a few in the batting cage.
Wednesday was the yearbook signing party but before that I had another guitar practice. I only went to the beginning and the end. The in between parts Kayla and I were driving around trying to find a good deal on Sharpie's! After that, Justin, Aaron, and I met up with all the coolest people ever at Countryside Park and had a MASSIVE water fight! It was sooo much fun!
Thursday, I went to the hospital and watched a movie with my friend Chuck and visited with him for a while. Then i met up with Kayla, Tyler, and Leona at the One Acts, then I went to a friends house and went swimming.
Friday, I didn't go to school. I went with my drama class to a couple Art elementary schools and performed 4 plays and an improv show for them! We also went to the mall for lunch and had a super fun time! Friday after that I had guitar practice, went the movies with Nathan and saw Robin hood, then went down to my gig and performed what I've been practicing all month! After that I hung out all night with a bunch of bands and I got to chill back stage and stuff it was sooo sick! I also met the lead singer of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. it was so chill. this band called cold fusion is about to get signed too, and I hung out with them for a while too! I got home super late and  then
Saturday, I woke up at 5AM and drove to thatcher, toured the temple, and drove back.
slept for an hour and a half and mom and I went to my Speech and Debate awards ceremony.
I was awarded my varsity letter which I was not expecting so I was super EXCITED! I was seriously all teary eyed and emotional. even being as tired as i was!
after that I came home and slept.. i had the option to do several other things but i was sooo tired and exhausted.
Sunday at the crack of dawn i had a meeting and then right after that I had church. after church i cleaned my room. and boy, does it feel good! i won't have my mom hounding on me about it all the time now! Then I watched Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium with my lil brother and then I went to sleep.. well not really. i tossed and turned all night and today i am terribly sick... but i really don't want to be a lazy butt and sleep but i can't do much else.... even though i really do feel like folding my laundry.... i just can't.. and i want to get ahead on my homework.. but i just can't.
this like really stinks..
peace out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

so.. i like a guy.

yupp. the title pretty much says it all.
this may be potentially a bad thing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I need to come with all those creative titles!

Yeah, I suck at the title thing, sue me.
Life has been interesting.I am loving it though. it most definitely does not get boring!
i have been hanging out with friends.. hanging out with more friends... then hanging out with friends some more! Yup, it's the best!!
I am so excited that there are only 16 days of high school left. I can finally just get on with my life and leave all this stupid drama behind. like really, it's getting stupid.
I am also that much closer to moving out! and Yes, I LOVE my family. but I am SO ready to get out of here! and just start my own life. I'm sure we all know that feeling.
so, Something that I just can't really keep in is like how much the spirit and certain events are testifying to me my role on this earth.  sometimes people think that they have to discover a cure for cancer, or being the leading role in some amazing movie to even begin to make a difference in someones life. I sort of feel bad for the ones that do believe this. because they aren't realizing that they are making a difference in everyones life. good or bad! and if they want to make that good difference then all they have to do is put forth a conscience effort!
I just can't even express how thankful I am for some of the people that are in my life... and I just hope that I can be making a difference in others' lives like they are making in mine :)


Sooooo, Life :) It's the craziest roller coaster that I have ever experienced! but boy, do I love it!
Prom was this last Saturday and it was SOOO much fun! I went with one of my best friends, Nathan! we were in a group with some of my best friends and so it made it that much more amaazing!
To start the night off, Nathan picked me up in a Cadillac Escalade and we went to the Mesa Arts Center to gt our pictures taken. Then we all met up at PF Chang's. i got daiquiri's so that was a definitely PLUS! When the waitress was refilling our drinks, we turned to our friend Brittany and said "Oh, lets take your picture, Birthday girl!" and a few min. later the waitress walked out with a tray of desserts to choose from! We then got the entire restaurant to join in the traditional Happy Birthday song!
pretty normal, yes? NO! her birthday isn't fr another 9 months!YES!!! it was awesome!
We then proceeded to prom! we danced and got our pictures in front of the backdrop, had a lovely carriage ride. It was such an incredible experience. I am so glad I went and I am so thankful I got to spend the night with some of my closest friends.
My gown was absolutely gorgeous! It was so comfortable too!
I didn't kill myself with Heels, either... I WORE MY VANS!! heck friggin yes!!
well, That's all I really have to say. Other than Life is a giant hug.. you just need to embrace it. ha ha.... idk!